The 9 Biomes of South Africa and the Edible Ecosystems they host

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Join Gregory Henderson on this exciting culinary journey as he explores the different regions and their cultural influences, bringing you traditional recipes passed down through generations as well as innovative dishes that draw on heritage ingredients in new and exciting ways.

Join International Award winning Chef Gregory Henderson renowned for his heritage and indigenous dining experiences with a new approach and educational platform to search, find and forage for wild and indigenous edibles. Lets learn about heritage fables as we forge a new way forward in creating a sustainable cultural integrated food movement promoting sustainability and bio diversity and indigenous foods and culture.

Episode 1 - STRANDVELD - PART 1

We begin our journey as we enter the first of 9 Biomes and start with the Majestic Fynbos Biome. Within this Biome it in itself hosts multiple edible ecosystems and we will begin with the Strandveld and showcase some forgotten foods, history and condiments of the Ancestors. This is a small taste of whats to come.

Time to Embrace.

Welcome to the Wild Food Revolution

Episode 2 - STRANDVELD - PART 2

We continue our journey through the Strandveld and look at an invasive species of mussels and some edible seaweed and their uses. Sticky fingers are in order especially when we look and get an overview on how to harvest the Cape Sour Fig. I look at herb replacement within your kitchen as i introduce you to South Africas Indigenous sage a herb where a little goes along way. Its time to head up towards the Woodlands Ecosystem for some Tree Fruit, Nuts and Berries which we will feature in Episode 3. Its not all over for the Strandveld as new seasons showcase new findings and we will be coming back to explore this ecosystem in Season 2 after we have covered all the Biomes within this 9 Episode Production for Season 1. Launching soon we will be going live with our Cooking element on how to prepare all these Wild and Indigenous Foods - these recipes will also be featured in my recipe book launching in 2021. This episode is dedicated to a Wild Food Hero, Marco Nico - a well respected Chef, Restauranteur and Forager that always remained true, honest and pure to the ingredients he was preparing. I respected that immensely.

Episode 3 - WOODLANDS

The Woodlands Eco region is a eco region referred to as the Inbetween as this is the border region that surrounds the shrublands and forests as the dividing ecosystem. In this Episode we look at some indigenous trees and some invasive trees, we visit and very historical town called Genadendal where we find some Wood Blewits and Reishi Mushroom. Time to for another herb replacement in your kitchen as we discuss Wild Rosemary and its uses. One would wonder what can you possibly find in a woodlands - let me show you. Enjoy and please dont forget to Subscribe. Episode 4 will showcase a Mystical place and Ancient Elders dating to over 1000 years, real dinosaurs in the Forest Eco Region of the Fynbos Biome.

Episode 4 - FOREST

The season of Autumn brings abundance in this ecosystem and we get to go on a treasure hunt for some seasonal mushrooms and look at their symbiotic relationship with this Ecosystem. I also show you a highly nutritious edible with agriculture potentional. The South African Forest Ecosystems are unique due to the bio climate within this region which provides for large bio diversity within this eco system. Fairy tales come from somewhere and i show you a mushroom that could have been an instigator in those tales at the end.


The Limestone Fynbos Eco Region is one of the most under valued eco region but holds some of it biggest diversity, nutrient pockets amoungst the eco region allow for some of the rarest plants in the world and some of the most endangered lie and are threatened by urbanisation and developement. Time to look back to look forward.